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26921 Aliso Creek Rd. Ste B


Improve your smile, improve the way others see you, get better first impressions, better friendships, better relationships, a better job, a better life and ultimately a better you! We offer a full range of dental procedures-LASER Therapy for less pain and faster healing, Safe removal of old amalgam/mercury fillings, porcelain Veneers, oral surgery, Dental Implants and more! We take instant Digital X-Rays and Intra-oral pictures and we do LASER-assisted Hygiene! We also offer Conscious Sedation, Smile Design and Invisalign.

We use the most biocompatible and NON TOXIC dental materials available today! NO silver-mercury (old amalgam fillings), NO metal restoration! If it's not NATURAL and BIOCOMPATIBLE we don't use it!

We only place mercury-free, white fillings and we SAFELY remove old amalgam/mercury fillings. When you choose a Biological Dentist you know you are getting the safest experience for your overall health!  We include quick, complimentary Oral Cancer Screenings in our exams for all our Patients!

We safely dispose of toxic waste, it's all filtered and sent to a recycling facility, it doesn't end up in our City's drain system!
We earned the reputation of being one of the best dentists in the vibrant community of Aliso Viejo!

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Aliso Creek Rd. Aliso Viejo, CA 92656

On the corner of Enterprise and Aliso Creek Rd.